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Key Takeaways

250 branches across New Zealand

Business growth requires an adaptable outsourcing solution

From idea to innovation icon

Tailored solution for 12,000kg’s of inbound mail items

Thousands of mail items processed monthly manually becomes unsustainable.


Kiwibank launched in 2002 to provide New Zealand with a real value for money bank that has Kiwi values at heart.

With more than 1000 staff throughout New Zealand, over 250 branches nationwide, and a customer base of over 800,000 – the efficient processing of mail in and out of Kiwibank’s head office is imperative to the smooth running of the company. Kiwibank realised that it needed to outsource its mailroom management to an experienced provider to ensure the efficient and effective processing of their mail, and to free up their own internal resources so they could focus on growing the business.

Canon Business Services (formerly Converga) assisted this relatively young institution with an adaptable mailroom solution that can change and adapt to their growing business needs.

Canon Business Services presents Kiwibank with an outsourced service to help them grow

Canon Business Services (CBS) developed an evolutionary mailroom process that has resulted in a sustainable long term change to Kiwibank’s mail operations. Dedicated on-site CBS staff manage the lodgement and processing of all incoming and outgoing mail. Incoming mail is sorted, opened and allocated to one of over 15 work streams, according to agreed business rules.

CBS also provide on-site courier services for urgent deliveries, distribute milk and fruit to staff kitchens, replenish paper and toner, manage supplies for all multi-function devices, and manage kitchen consumables, including tea and coffee. The on-site CBS team also provide ad-hoc reprographic services such as printing bulk training materials and the printing, folding and inserting of small print runs.

The results: Freedom from manual processing and bottlenecks

In 2014 Canon Business Services finalised the implementation of the Onsite Mailroom service and begun processing over 12,000 kg of incoming mail items, approximately 6,000kg of outgoing mail items and managed the delivery of over 3,700 incoming courier items; enabling Kiwibank staff to focus on their core business.

The CBS solution has provided a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model to suit Kiwibank’s growth business model. The availability of CBS’ dedicated on-site team has created a close working relationship with the bank, ensuring that any process, change or issue can be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

25+ years experience

95% customer satisfaction rate