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The accelerator workshop overview

Our Automation Accelerator Workshop will give you the focus and momentum to make automation a reality in your organisation in the 4 key areas of operations:

CUSTOMER AUTOMATION: Improving customer interactions from enquiry through onboarding to servicing.

OPERATIONS & IT AUTOMATION: Improving internal workflows and core service delivery.

FINANCE AUTOMATION: Improving accounts receivable and payable intake, distribution and approval.

ADMIN & SHARED SERVICE AUTOMATION: Improving mailroom, recording keeping, document and data warehousing.

Automation promises greater efficiency, accuracy and compliance though most organisations struggle to get their automation programs off the ground let alone delivering clear ROI or rapid time to value

This free 2hr workshop with our automation experts will give you the tools you need to:

• Identify the challenges with your automation plan
• Set a roadmap to successful transformation

Register your interest in the workshop to find out more today.

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Register your interest and get access to:


Dedicated free consultation session with our leading team of business and technical specialists.


Initial exploration and assessment of your systems and processes.

Action Plan.

Get a road map to a working solution and the key outcomes.

Value drivers.

Unlock and understand time to value, commericals and return on investment from the workshop.