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Streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and extended sales periods.

Reduced paper and plastic use, aligning with sustainability goals.

Seamless event management and enhanced attendee experiences.

In the high-speed world of motorsports, precision and efficiency on the track are crucial. However, behind the scenes, operations often face significant challenges. When the South Australian Motor Sport Board (SAMSB) decided to digitally transform its credentials management and corporate ticketing processes for the VAILO Adelaide 500, their partnership with Canon Business Services Australia (CBS) became a game changer.

The challenge: Manual systems and time-consuming process

The VAILO Adelaide 500 is the country’s largest domestic ticketed motorsport event, attracting over 250,000 enthusiasts. It includes a mecca of motorsport with Supercar drivers, autograph sessions, exotic vehicle displays, and family entertainment.

The SA Motor Sport Board used complex Excel spreadsheets and manual steps to manage thousands of hard card credentials and ticketing, a time-consuming process that posed logistical and operational hurdles.

“Our old system meant we had to distribute hard card lanyards for all our corporate hospitality guests. It was very labour and cost-intensive each would need to be physically printed and posted out. The need for a technological overhaul was clear—something advanced, eco-friendly, and capable of handling modern event complexities.”

Rebecca Lawson, Commercial Manager at the South Australian Motor Sport Board

A seamlessly integrated solution

CBS proposed a comprehensive digital solution, harnessing the Microsoft Power Platform as a strategic move towards greater sustainability and efficiency.

The CBS team used Microsoft PowerApps to create custom applications for the VAILO Adelaide 500’s unique needs. These apps streamlined data management and provided real-time updates, crucial for fast-paced motorsport events.

The event’s first digital ticketing system replaced the traditional hard cards with a more sustainable digital format, integrating various data sources for a seamless user experience.

“We pioneered the first-ever digital ticketing system for VAILO Adelaide 500’s corporate hospitality. The shift from hard cards to a digital format capable of handling over 15,000 corporate tickets was monumental. The system’s flexibility and adaptability meant it could grow alongside the event, ensuring long-term viability,” explains Michelle Stokes, State Manager SA/WA at Canon Business Services ANZ.

The new system’s standout feature is its ability to monitor ticket sales, attendance, and other critical metrics in real-time. With this data, the SA Motor Sport Board can now make informed decisions quickly, improving event management and enhancing the experience for attendees.

“The corporate digital ticketing platform impacted every element of our operations. We saw improvements in distribution speed, resource reduction, and overall operational efficiency,” says Rebecca.

“When we email tickets automatically rather than sending physical lanyards, redistributing or transferring them becomes far easier. We can cancel and reissue them in the system effortlessly. We can also sell tickets for longer periods. Without the manual process, we can distribute tickets instantly and sell right up until the morning of the event,” she adds.

Advanced analytics and on-site support

CBS used Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage the integration, enabling data synchronisation across different platforms. Advanced analytics tools provide insights into ticketing patterns, attendee behaviours, and operational efficiencies, helping the SA Motor Sport Board’s Commercial team make data-driven decisions to enhance event management.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 facilitates better coordination between different event teams. For example, the credentials team could quickly update and verify attendee information, ensuring a smooth check-in process. This level of integration was crucial for maintaining high service standards and efficiency throughout the event.

Azure DevOps was implemented for continuous integration and delivery, ensuring agile and responsive software development. The CBS team provided on-site support to ensure robust technology infrastructure, addressing any challenges and maintaining network stability.

adel500 corp booth

“Canon Business Services ANZ’s on-site support was exceptional, and they were always ready to assist with any issues to ensure a seamless experience. Their proactive approach prevented problems before they could escalate,” says Rebecca.

A model for digital transformation in sports event management

The SA Motor Sport Board's digital transformation has boosted operational efficiency, slashed manual workloads and enhanced productivity. Reducing paper and plastic use was a significant step towards its commitment to eco-friendly practices. Feedback from stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the ease and efficiency of the new systems.

“Attendees reported the new system made entry seamless,” Rebecca says. “No matter the device or barcode presented, attendees reported the new system made entry seamless.”

The initiative’s success has paved the way for future enhancements, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enhance The SA Motor Sport Board's sales, marketing, and sponsorship tracking capabilities.

“We’ve just created a new digital advertising asset on the ticket, which is an exciting commercial opportunity,” Rebecca explains. “We’ve also expanded the platform into a CRM that combines all the ticketing data, contact and account information for our sponsors, event suppliers, and trade activation partners.”

adel500 results

Looking ahead, Canon Business Services ANZ plans to integrate advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to further enhance The SA Motor Sport Board's digital solutions. These will provide deeper insights into attendee behaviour, enabling more personalised and efficient event management.

The collaboration is a shining example of how digital transformation can revolutionise the sports event management industry.

“Canon Business Services ANZ is very strategic and delivers exceptional service and support. I particularly liked the clearly defined working group throughout the project,” Rebecca says. “And they gave us time to work through every possible scenario to make sure we’d covered it, making us feel in control at all times.”

She adds, “The team had a really clear project plan, delivered to agreed timeframes and key milestones, and went over and above to ensure minimal issues. They genuinely collaborated with us - not just on the technology but to deliver exactly what we wanted.”

The SA Motor Sport Board is forging ahead with its digital transformation with Canon Business Services ANZ as a trusted ally, driving continuous technological improvement and meaningful change.

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Case study: Driving essential operations for Adelaide 500


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