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Technical issues hinder workflow and can negatively impact the profitability of your business. This is no surprise, but there's been an increasing rate of dissatisfaction among employees over the past few years. Recent studies indicate that 91% of employees have been frustrated by software or technical issues at work. An IT help desk allows your business to alleviate this frustration, improve employee productivity, and increase satisfaction at work.

In this blog post, we'll explain what a help desk is and what sorts of solutions they provide. You'll learn some of the largest benefits from the help desk features of your IT managed services. Most importantly, you'll discover how delegating these IT tasks to an experienced IT professional can improve the process for your internal employees and customers.

With many companies moving to hybrid and remote work solutions, support is even more vital for employees who find themselves taking responsibility for many of their processes independently. Some of your employees are able to manage technical tasks on their own. But some of these issues will be outside of their expertise. It will also often take a great deal more time for employees to troubleshoot issues than it would take an IT expert.

It can be frustrating for your staff to spend time fixing software and hardware issues when their priority is the work at hand. These tasks take them away from the customers they serve and the business they facilitate for your company. It makes better sense to delegate IT tasks to experienced technicians so employees can concentrate on their core talents.

What is an IT Help Desk?

An IT Help Desk is a 24-hour a day, 7 days a week solution for all of your IT needs. The value of IT support is that it puts your employees back in charge of the core responsibilities for their roles, and leaves the technical aspect of their tools to experienced technicians.

An IT Help Desk can work as support for employees and customers enterprise-wide, and as support for your internal IT department. For instance, this function can take care of standard updates, password resets, and routine questions from staff and customers. This frees your IT department to work forward on important projects to increase profitability and grow the business.

Traditional IT departments spend so much time bogged down with repetitive tasks. These issues need to be taken care of to support staff and customers. But they're often not the best use of your talented IT department's time. An on-call help desk takes over these tasks to free full-time employees to concentrate on higher-level projects.

How does an IT Help Desk work?

A good quality IT Help Desk can support your business exactly the way you need. Every business is different. You may have all of your employees in one building or around the globe. Whatever way you work, the IT Help Desk should offer the flexibility to meet those requirements.

Flexibility should not stop with time management. The industry standard is to provide solutions within 12 minutes of a call. There are a range of issues your users may need support to fix. The help desk should be scalable and flexible with a range of talent well-versed in any of the issues your staff might face, at any point in time.

Most help desk tickets take a short amount of time to rectify, but your help desk solution should be able to follow the ticket through to completion and satisfaction, no matter how complicated.

IT Help Desk vs IT Support Desk

Often these terms are used interchangeably, so it really depends on the company and provider. You can look at the origin of the terms. An IT support desk was created as customer or user support. This service was created to help the user with technical difficulties, to answer questions, and to get the technical issues fixed so that the user could resume work or whatever process they were trying to accomplish.

The IT Help Desk was created to fix or troubleshoot issues. They sound similar because they are. The help desk essentially evolved from the IT support desk. Some companies will have both types of service, one focusing on customer support and the other focusing on technical issues. Many IT service providers have one service that should prioritize both user experience and impeccable technical solutions.

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Benefits of having an IT Help Desk for your business

There are many advantages to choosing a managed IT service provider to work with your business in troubleshooting issues and supporting staff and customers. One of the most compelling reasons is that it improves the process for both employees and customers. If staff members have support so that software and technical solutions work efficiently a high percent of the time, they're more able to concentrate on the priority, which is serving the clients.

Another benefit to excellent technical support is the fact that it makes your staff and customer experience much better. Customers can accomplish what they need to, quickly, and with a high level of service. Staff members get support to alleviate frustration with technical issues.

Increase efficiency by solving IT issues faster

For smaller companies, staff members often take care of their own IT issues. These might range from updating computers to troubleshooting more advanced issues. This is often not the most efficient way to handle technical issues. Every employee doesn't have the same level of technical skill outside of your IT department. This means these tasks may take some guesswork, research, and often a great deal more time than having an experienced technician manage them.

Streamline workflow

By removing the need to take care of common maintenance and troubleshooting, employees no longer need to pause to deal with these tasks. This frees your staff to concentrate on projects that are important for business growth and individual department priorities.

Improve customer service

Help desk features offer support for customers, as well as staff. If you're using help desk features only for internal staff, the time savings and alleviation of pain points for your staff will improve their overall job satisfaction. It also frees time in their day. This translates to better service for your customers because your staff is well supported in their roles.

Help achieve your business goals

Help desk features create an environment where each of your staff is supported. These tasks can range from complex to very mundane, but the support allows your leadership and teams more freedom to concentrate on their core strengths. This allows your IT Department to prioritize innovative changes that move the needle for business growth. In fact, most employees spend several hours a week handling IT tasks.

How much further could your company progress if all of those hours were devoted to high-priority goals?

What problems do IT Help Desks eliminate for a company?

Your IT-managed service provider should be able to help with a wide variety of issues. Some common things that IT Help Desks are often tasked with include questions about the speed of a machine, troubleshooting common errors, and resetting passwords.

Your help desk should be flexible and scalable, to offer support as your business grows and as your technology advances.

Advantages of using Canon Business Services ANZ for IT Help Desk services

Canon Business Service outperforms industry standards in speed and service. Our technicians solve 90% of issues within a 4-minute call, much faster than the industry standard of 12 minutes. We also offer customisable service. We scale to meet your business needs, maintain dedicated technicians who bring a wealth of experience with the platforms, software, and technologies that you use, and we work as an extension of your internal team.

We deliver scalable, flexible solutions for businesses of every size and offer a wide range of IT consulting services to help thriving businesses make informed technology choices for their success.

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