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Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an effective solution to keeping up with day-to-day processes while continually improving and expanding your business. BPO refers to using an external provider to accomplish business tasks.

Particularly with the need for a modern business to improve its customer service, being able to outsource non-core business activities can allow you to focus your time and attention on what is most important to your organisation. Customers benefit because they receive the expert advice and information they need from your organisation's professionals while receiving the best and most specialised experience through the services you choose to outsource via BPO.

What can be your guide to BPO? How can implementing a plan to move some of your necessary business services over to a BPO benefit your organisation?

Why implement Business Process Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your non-core business processes is a wise move because it allows your organisation to focus on its core competencies. Especially as businesses on all levels move towards digitising and improving their customer experience to stay competitive, working with a BPO partner can allow your organisation to streamline its effectiveness and save money on hiring employees who need to be trained to do non-core activities.

Types of BPO services offered

BPO companies offer a wide range of services that when outsourced benefit the customer. These include services such as:

Finance & accounting - AP and AR

General bookkeeping and accounts payable and receivables can oftentimes be better handled by BPO because the dedicated team of accounting professionals can handle complicated situations and routine processes more effectively, and at a lower cost.

Forms and claims processing

Finding the right system for forms and claims processing can take an organisation a long time, especially as the business scales up. Avoid the stress of finding an effective system by outsourcing the service to a BPO company that has the technology, processes and people that can deliver fast, accurate and secure processing of key customer and business information captured in forms and claims.

IT support teams & skills IT

Finding skilled assistance in IT is a must for any organisation, but it can be challenging. BPO companies have dedicated IT teams that are proficient at providing the services you need. Whether that be for a specialised one time project via IT consultant, or on an ongoing basis such as IT help desk, your business will be able to access a variety of skilled IT staff.

HR administration

Dedicated HR teams and professionals can provide a better employee experience because they are able to focus on the big picture and what works for a company at scale. Working with a BPO service to remove or automate the manual processing of staff onboarding, payroll, reviews, leave management etc, will give your HR teams back time to focus on staff development, training and education to ensure you’re getting the very best out of your employees.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

BPO for recruitment - also known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO - is beneficial because recruitment professionals have access to tools that allow them to make the best use of resources and time to get your business the most qualified candidates. Choosing BPO to handle your recruitment needs takes much of the administrative load off of your employees, including vetting resumes, managing the interview process, and writing up and executing contracts. Recruitment Process Outsourcing also means dedicated management of your organisation's internal hiring systems, further reducing strain on your existing resources and budgets.

Shared services administration

Instead of moving employees into a shared service administration, receive the benefits of a more efficient administration through outsourcing. Outsourced shared service administration can result in more efficient outcomes for multiple business units within our organisation including faster claims processing, improved tracking of requests, and more efficient issue resolution.

Inbound and outbound call centres

Using a call centre to handle customer communications can improve wait times and customer satisfaction because of the streamlined and dedicated communication lines. Outsourcing your business’s inbound call centre can help reduce the resources required to handle customer service, order management, and any potential complaints processing. Likewise, outsourcing your outbound call centre involves using BPO to handle sales calls, business development outreach, and other customer communications like reminders and follow ups.

Process automation

Deciding how and when to move a company process over to process automation can require a lot of man-hours from persons better suited to overseeing their regular workflow. Most BPO providers are skilled in deciding which types of process automation can work for organisations in your industry, saving you time and money.

Workflow and exception management

Data processing, document review and approvals can be time consuming, repetitive processes that slow your people down from focusing on innovation and providing an exceptional service. Workflow and Exception Management can oftentimes be better handled by an outside company skilled in understanding the nuanced ways your workflow could be improved.

Mailroom services

Much of what is handled in a company mailroom could be effectively improved by moving these services to a BPO company to staff and automate your mail and its processes. As with most of the listed services, human error can be minimised by a dedicated system that is focused on getting communications where they need to go.

Corporate hospitality services

Choosing to outsource your corporate hospitality services can help enable all of your customers’ touch points with your business run more smoothly and leave a lasting, positive impression. Outsourced corporate hospitality services can include corporate events, front desk staff, general concierge services, meeting room management, and much more.

You do not need to outsource every part of your business operations, and you can avoid the main challenges of BPO by maintaining in-house services for processes that you know that your organisation does extremely well and give you a competitive advantage.

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The impact of BPO services on your customers

BPO services improve customer service because business employees are not bogged down in repetitive busy work, but can instead focus on providing a personal and improved customer experience. This becomes apparent when you see benefits such as:

Improved customer experience

60% of customer dissatisfaction can be traced back to ineffective support. However, building, maintaining and managing the infrastructure that enables an excellent customer experience is often not a core function of your business. Outsourcing these initiatives to dedicated teams of professionals with skill and experience in customer support means that not only will your customers received superior service, but your staff can better focus on applying their unique skills to drive your business forward.

Data management, ensuring equity and quality

Capturing data at the source, be that physical or digital, requires organisations to meet the customer where they are (web, mobile, work, home, etc). BPO services offer organisations access to multichannel technologies that ensure that data is captured at the source, indexed and verified to ensure that accurate and timely services are provided to the consumer. Effectively delivering a greater experience, that avoids repetition, duplicate data, errors and so enables the streamlined delivery of services.

Value through efficiency

When your customers are consistently receiving high-quality, dedicated service from professionals skilled in each aspect of your business that they interact with, their confidence in your brand grows. When customers are able to interface with accurate and up-to-date technologies and information because you choose to outsource these services to a BPO provider, they will continue to trust that your company can provide them with the best customer experience, and they will choose you over your competitors.

Sense of security and ease

Using a well-known and effective BPO, brings a sense of security to your organisation. Within the organisation, you will know that your business processes are being effectively handled, and your customers will feel confident that your business can provide what you promise.

BPO services can add peace of mind, efficiency, and an enhanced customer experience to your organisation. These benefits lead to a foundation built on reliability that will be recognised both internally and externally.

Your customer satisfaction is greatly improved when every process of your organisation runs as smoothly as possible. Often, it is not reasonable for any organisation to be truly expert at every process that customers expect to run smoothly. However, by outsourcing your important business processes to a company that specialises in expert business services, you can streamline and improve many aspects of your organisation.

When you are able to focus on doing what you do best, and you leave us to do what we do best, which is caring for your organisation's necessary business functions, your customers benefit.

Canon Business Services ANZ helps optimise your operations, so you can focus, move forward and thrive.

Business process outsourcing is the logical choice for any organisation looking to provide the best quality service to customers while continuing to grow and expand without wasting resources trying to keep up to scale with business needs. Avoid the potential risks of outsourcing business processes by choosing an established and well-reported BPO provider. Canon Business Services is a trusted BPO service provider, and our experience becomes your advantage when you trust us to help you provide the highest possible customer experience.

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