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Key Takeaways

Given Health greater visibility and faster retrieval of records, and regained storage space for alternate use

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Over 5500 staff working across Australia

Reduced Health’s overall management costs, and eliminated physical storage costs

The Challenge:

The Department of Health (Health) provides Australians with an efficient, high quality health system. They produce and manage a considerable number of active case files and stored files, and have over 5500 staff working all over Australia.

Health needed to find a cost effective Electronic Document and Records Management (EDM) solution that could meet their ever increasing demands and provide quality and accountable records management services across its vast holdings and geographic locations.

"Health’s Contract Management area refers to Canon Business Services as ‘our business partner’ and both parties view the relationship as critical to Health’s Electronic Document Management success."

Dearne McCreath, Contract Manager, Health.

The Solution:

Canon Business Services (formerly Converga) proposed a cost effective outsourced records management solution and robust staff and records management practice for every Health site across Australia, utilising HP TRIM. To ensure a successful transition, Canon Business Services (CBS) worked with the records management unit to provide guidance to manage the shift of physical work practices and governance structures to support digital records and information management.

Because Health has a flexible labour force, CBS continues to adjust the records management pool to accommodate the shift in service demand, the changing requirements of the department, and Health’s legislative and regulatory requirements.

CBS expanded the records management support services to encompass help desk functions for the TRIM EDM functionality implemented across Health, and provided ongoing support and training for Health staff.

This CBS solution included:

  • First level telephone and email support
  • Creation of “saved searches” to quickly retrieve complex repetitive searches
  • Data cleansing and quality assurance support
  • Creation of an issues register
  • Bulk updates to files, classifications scheme updates and record census results

The Results:

CBS, together with a team of 34 Health records management professionals now manage the Health records and archival services Australia-wide, including:

Records Registration and Creation Services

  • Repository Management
  • Culling and Archival Services
  • User Records Management Support
  • Records Quality Assurance Services
  • Records Management Strategic Advice

CBS has significantly reduced Health’s overall management costs, and eliminated physical storage costs, given Health greater visibility and faster retrieval of records, and regained storage space for alternate use.

95% customer satisfaction

25+ years experience

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