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Key Takeaways

One centralised on-site mailroom

Track and trace solution, reducing manual handling 

AP invoices being processed, scanned and extracted.

The Challenge

This international media company is headquartered in Australia and offers several broad-based services across multiple platforms.

The company’s mailroom services were originally spread over two areas of their premises, and most processes were manual and paper based. They required one centralised on-site mailroom, better customer service for internal and external stakeholders, and greater visibility across mailroom activities and volumes.

The Solution

Canon Business Services (formerly Converga) set up one central mailroom to provide mail, courier, loading dock services and newspaper distribution. Canon Business Services (CBS) now manages more than 26,000 incoming and 4,000 outgoing mail items and 5,000 courier items each month, servicing over 4,000 employees and stakeholders. The solution integrates a comprehensive reporting suite that provides weekly, monthly and quarterly reports along with volume trend analysis and issues escalation.

The Results

CBS consolidated the mailroom and loading dock, freeing up 40m² of office space which is now utilised by frontline staff. Services and processes are reviewed constantly resulting in ongoing costs savings. The solution also features a track and trace solution, reducing manual handling and significantly improving accountability on the delivery of all items.

26,000+ incoming mail items monthly

4000+ outgoing mail items monthly

5000+ courier items monthly