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Key Takeaways

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Executive Hospitality staffing and management

Mailroom management service

Records management service

The Challenge: High volumes of document and staff management required over multiple locations


The Department of Health (Health) provides Australians with an efficient, high quality health system. They produce and manage a considerable number of active case files and stored files, and have over 5500 staff working all over Australia.

The Department of Health required a full suite of on-site office services to help improve their business processes, support their program and corporate teams, and comply with existing and future health and privacy legislation.

Canon Business Services works to understand the complex needs of The Department of Health to deploy the ‘right-fit’ services.

Canon Business Services ANZ implemented and managed a full suite of innovative, best practice, on-site office services for Health, including mail and courier management, records management, contract management, venue management, corporate hospitality and e-invoicing.

Canon Business Services (CBS) manages these services across 150 service points spanning 11 buildings, and processes more than 3,720 incoming/outgoing mail and courier items and 256 internal items daily.

The results: The freedom to focus on the customer.

Canon Business Services restructured Health’s mailroom, which centralised staff and functions, decreased the number of courier services, saved substantial costs, and established ‘primary sort’ of mail and colour coded mail runs. Health’s stationery usage and ordering method was reviewed and suppliers benchmarked to ensure best value. Over the past ten years CBS have closely monitored the effectiveness and efficiency of the services and the delivery provided to Health in order to provide maximum efficiency gains so that they can focus on their own customers.

95% customer satisfaction rate

390,000+ documents managed annually

25+ years experience

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