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Key Takeaways

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Digital Mailroom implemented within 2 business days.

Reduced bottlenecks and processing delays within days.

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Agile and adjustable solution for continued business continuity.

The Challenges

An insurance company based in Victoria who wish to remain anonymous, reached out to Canon Business Services (formerly Converga) requiring assistance with their mailroom operations during the Covid-19 pandemic. The business receives a very small volume of mail which are time-critical and of high importance.

Due to the disruption caused by the global pandemic, the majority of our client's staff began working remotely full time, limiting their access to incoming physical mail, which ultimately caused bottlenecks and disruptions to many departments including claims processing and accounts payable. 

Time critical and mail of significant importance was not being accessed by those that needed to action and process incoming files.

Physical cheques delivered to our client's premises were not being banked as that team are all working remotely.

The Solution

Canon Business Services (CBS) collaborated with the client to define specific business rules for sorting, opening and processing physical mail, which gave us a map of the processes and approval procedures.

We implemented a tailored digital mailroom solution which was live and processing for the client within 2 business days of defining scope.

The Result

CBS now receives all incoming physical documents for our client, making these files accessible for staff in a digital nature on the same business day. As a result the client is now able to adjust to the remote working needs of their staff without having disruptions to their mailroom and the knock-on effect in this case.

325,000 mailroom items processed monthly

95% customer satisfaction score

25+ years experience